Top Five Tips for any Parent

Parenting is hard, we don’t always know how to react on certain situations. This post is about the top five tips that have helped me and hope they help you as well.

Apologize- Mistakes happen time to time. Tell your child you’re sorry and that you know you messed up. Apologizing teaches children to be honest and to take responsibility.

Be Patient- I know you have 10 minutes to be at an appointment that is 30 minutes away but rushing children can frustrate them. Kids are on their own time and don’t always understand to be in a hurry when you’re running behind.

Follow Your Instinct- Your baby is fussy and sleepy, but wants you to rock them to sleep, if it works for you and the baby then do it. If you prefer to teach him to cry it out then do it. You think your child needs to go to the ER but your mother in law doesn’t? Take them anyway! You know your kid better than anyone else and it is better to be safe than sorry. Whatever it might be as long as it keeps you and the baby safe and happy.

Give Positive Attention- You’re at a family members house or at the store and your child is behaving so good, let them know. Tell them how proud you are. When they figure something out for the first time tell them how smart they are. Even when they are getting super frustrated over something, remind them it will be okay and that everything takes time to learn. Give them high fives and hugs for good behavior. Remember not to use “bad kid” toward your child or about your child because it sets a negative tone and it sets it in their head that they are a “bad” kid.

Give Yourself a Break– Seek out help if you need it. Give yourself me time, take a shower, go for a walk, or go to the store. Remember to be easy on yourself and not to beat yourself up over the little things.

These are the top five tips that help me as a mother. I’m sure there are plenty more to be written about but these help me the most.

What are some tips and advice you have to share? Comment below!

Author: Savannah

Hello! My name is Savannah Smith! I am a married, stay at home mother of two amazing boys. As an early teen i lost my mother to respiratory issues therefore i had to figure out many things in life for myself.

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